Skin Care Tips for Rainy Season


Monsoon is already here and many of us are enjoying it to the fullest. When it’s raining heavily, the only thing that you want to do is get drenched in it. The only thing that compliments rain is a steaming hot cup of tea and a plate full of pakoras.

Although we have this monsoon season to enjoy we really need to look after our skin during monsoon. Along with coolness, rain also brings a plenty of infections. These infections affect your skin and become a major reason of acne, ring worm, athlete’s foot, etc.

In monsoon your skin becomes oily thus, it becomes extremely crucial to get rid of all the oiliness and prevent your skin from all the infections from forming up. You can, however, take a good care of your skin at home with a right combination of home remedies that are easily available in your kitchen’s cabinet and is a best Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems.


Dehydration is one of the major things faced during the monsoon season. You can prevent it by drinking water from time to time. If you can’t drink water by taking a few sips every now and then if you are unable to drink. Drinking plenty of water will lead to excessive urination but don’t worry. It is actually good because your body will eliminate all the toxins from the body through urine.

Avoid Makeup

Makeup is also a major reason of developing pimples and other skin allergies. Because rainy season comes with its own pros and cons try not to use less makeup. This way you can avoid at least one con at a time. One thing that you completely have to say no to is a heavy foundation and moisturizer. Let your skin breathe a little. It’s a great Ayurvedic treatment for cosmetic.

Keep your Diet in Check

Whatever you eat is directly reflected on your skin so be ensured to intake a lot of fresh juices. Monsoon comes with a great variety of fruits. If you can’t consume juices then dig on some seasonal fruits and work up your appetite with healthy veggies and fruits. Also, you can ditch your traditional teas and include herbal tea in your daily routine.

This will not only flush out those nasty toxins from your body but also will make your skin look great and healthy.

Put a Full Stop on Smoking & Alcohol

When some explore the street food in this exceptionally pleasing weather, other smoke up the packets when it starts to rain. Though smoking does give a relief and a good buzz for a while but tobacco comes with its own list of cons. Number one, it provokes the risk of cancer, number two – it steals all the charm from your face and makes you look older and the bigger risk is that it makes both men and women infertile. Not a good idea if you are trying to conceive.

Alcohol, on the other hand, make your liver a sponge and next thing you know your body is rejecting all the physical activities you love to do. If you really love parties and can’t go without alcohol in monsoons, try sipping on a glass of red wine. It comes with ample benefits like keeping your heart healthy, giving your skin the natural essence of youth and so much more.


How to Get Healthy Skin through Ayurveda


A healthy, glowy, and flawless skin is we all dream of. A spotless and healthy skin is a sign of good health. However, disturbed lifestyles, uncycled sleep, lack of nutrition and other factors become the reason of too much stress which leads to a tired and dull skin with early signs of aging.

People from all over the world shell out their pockets to look good and young. Expensive cosmetics is not an elucidation to your every skin problem. Essentially, you should lean towards Ayurvedic treatment for cosmetic problems as it provides long-term benefits. Here are a few to list that will provide you a younger looking skin which is not only healthy but also glows.

Green Veggies

One of the major reasons of skin dryness and dullness is the lack of nutrition. Giving your body all the nourishment it requires is essential. Green vegetables give your body the energy it requires and keeps your hydrated. Include high-water content vegetables in your diet like carrot, radish, fennel, lettuce, cucumber, etc. as they are also easy to digest. These vegetables are considered as tridoshic which are not only good for your body but also an excellent Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems. You can combine 3 veggies and enjoy it with a simple lemon and olive oil dressing.


Keep all your skin problems at bay just by making a few lifestyle changes such as including herbal tea in your daily routine. Vata is cold & dry naturally, thus hydration is required. By keeping yourself hydrated, you can keep your skin younger for a long span of time. Hydrated yourself throughout the day by giving preference to warm liquids.

Apart from green tea, you can also prepare a steamy cup of spicy ginger tea. This will not only keep your digestion system healthy but also keep you awake during daytime. An excellent remedy for those who feel sleepy at work.


Exercising on a daily basis is one of the best ways to keep your body & skin healthy. It is vital to prevent cold Vata from accumulating and the best way to do that is by exercising. Exercise helps you remove all the toxins by sweating, improves your blood circulation, improves your digestion, and gives you a healthy and natural blush.

Select the type of exercise which makes you feel good, gives you energy and doesn’t exhaust you much. Choose easy activities at the start such as jogging, boxing, dancing, yoga, walking, etc. All this will contribute in making your skin healthy and provide a natural glow.


The fluctuation within emotional and mental stress is another cause of aggravation of Vata. It dries out all your vital juices and leaves your skin all dry and flaky. Meditation is an effective stress buster that you should start doing without second thoughts. Meditation and deep breathing ease your mind and decrease stress.

You can start with yogic breathing anytime you want, lie supine or sit comfortably, place your right hand on your chest and left hand on your belly. Start by taking a deep breath and allow it to rise slightly and then inhale into your ribs. It should first start with your belly and then rise to your ribs. Expand your ribcage up and out as if you are giving the oxygen to your every organ and then exhale. Do this on a daily basis for 5-10 minutes. You can also do this process whenever you are stressed.

Undisturbed Sleeping Pattern

When aggravated, Vata often causes restlessness which leads to insomnia. Disturbed sleep cycle starts to reflect on your skin and you end up with puffy eyes & dark circles, tired and dull face, tiredness, and many other visible signs. For an adult, at least 7 hours of sleep is crucial.

While you sleep, your body repairs itself. This is the reason why many beauty gurus do their beauty tricks before sleeping. If you can’t fall asleep easily, then try meditation or yogic breathing before going to bed.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital from both outside and inside. Green veggies can take care of the inside part but for the outside, you need to pay extra attention. Cleansing and moisturizing are the two most essential ingredients to keep your skin healthy and young. Treating yourself to an oil massage is one of the best things you can do.

Indulge in a body massage once a week with apricot oil if possible. You can also apply apricot oil thrice a week on your skin to make it look healthy and young. An oil massage is the best remedy to keep the skin problems at bay. Body massage stimulates healthy blood circulation, decreases water retention, lymph drainage, and offers many other benefits.

Abhangya, an ancient procedure of Ayurveda which also includes full body massage, calms the minds, decreases stress levels, makes you more focused and alert, and balances emotions. Try this procedure for specific Doshas like Kapha, Pitta or Vata.